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Testimony: I didn't think I could save $400 every month, but with the information in Jennifer's book, I've actually been saving more than that for more than a year!
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Jennifer's book shows readers how to have an extra few hundred dollars every month!

Millions of people are juggling their finances every day, and are wishing they had more money every month. 12 Ways To Put Money In Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part Time Job will give you right now results that equal right now money in your pocket!

This book shows readers how to convert 12 everyday expenses into 12 Money Opportunities.
  Each Money Opportunity includes easy-to-follow steps for creating cash that add up to several hundred dollars each month - with nothing else to buy! The money created with the first Money Opportunity pays for the book! When the steps are repeated, money is added to your pocket month after month after month!

The hundreds of dollars you create each month can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in less than a year, or even much more!

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Just $15 per copy spent once puts hundreds in your pocket each month!
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Download your Money Opportunity Log and Spending Plan templates as discussed in the 12 Ways book.